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Key Reasons to Hire a Photographer for Weddings

Always use a professional, to avoid wedding photo disasters like this:

Why you must use a professional wedding photographer

And why you should always consider this option when your marriage ceremony is forthcoming, or another type of celebration is in your diary:

Hire a video production team for weddings and events

NEVER put your faith in good ole Uncle Bob. Hire a photographer for weddings instead. Or you may end up with no bridal snaps at all.

Your wedding day is probably shaping up to be the biggest day of your life. Months of planning has gone into it all. Although it’s still weeks away, you can’t stop thinking about it. It’s all you and your family and friends ever talk about, in fact. And, despite feeling progressively more nervous, you’re simultaneously growing in confidence as the nuptials loom. Why? Because most of the tasks on your wedding day checklist sheet are nicely ticked off. You’ve been exhaustively thorough, leaving nothing to chance.

Yep. You’ve thought of EVERYTHING. The invitations. The dress. The rings. The cars. The cake. The wedding band. The honeymoon… The photos? Oh, “don’t worry”, you reply nonchalantly, one of the bridesmaid’s uncles, Bob, is “an absolute whiz” at snapping amazing pictures with his trusty vintage rainbow white Polaroid SX-70 instant camera with flash bar;

Photography Agency
Polaroid SX-70 instant camera

and if that fails (“which it won’t”) Bob can always take the wedding day pics with his phone; “So, that’s the wedding photography sorted”.


We at LM Video Productions are sure Uncle Bob is a great guy and would do his best on your happy day to capture all those memories for ever, but what if he messes up? Even if he’s the proud owner of the best modern camera in the world right now, he may still get it wrong. And if he does, how likely is it that he has a Plan B up his wedding suit sleeve if the unthinkable happens? There’s no second chances after all. This is your marriage ceremony we’re talking about. You don’t get two bites at this particular cherry if you’re responsible for taking all the shots.

What’s that? Your next-door neighbour, Betty, is a dab-hand with a camcorder (“apparently”), meaning that, as well as having all of Uncle Bob’s snaps to treasure for ever, you’ll have your special day caught on film: coming out of the church into the sunshine with beaming smiles, a shower of pretty pink and white confetti, a kiss to remember on the stone church steps, the cutting of the cake, the speeches, the first dance…

Well, we’re really sorry if this might risk alienating Betty, but…  

Feeling at ease about the quality of your wedding photos and video comes from putting your trust in experienced professionals, however well-meant the offered help from amateur photographers and budding filmmakers amongst the names on your wedding day guest list.

Wedding Professional Video Editing and Photography

You need an established industry pro who shares your passion for wanting the day to be just PERFECT and has the skills to capture the things that you don’t see – those wonderful little unplanned moments – as well as the things that you do and expect. Insist upon hiring a wedding photographer with a track record of success; one who can show you a portfolio of photos and video clips; and one who ‘gets it’ who ‘gets you’ being someone that you instantly feel relaxed around.

Look forward to getting enduring images   

It’s essential for couples to hire a photographer for weddings and to hire a video production team for weddings and events, because wedding day photos and film will be all that you’ll actually have at the end. You need specialists with many hours of shooting under their belts – seasoned experts with the experience to know where to be at the right time. In the years ahead, you’ll undoubtedly want to relive the most monumental day of your life countless times; so, make sure that the photography and video production is nothing less than top-notch – high quality work that captures the day fabulously, whilst also being good enough to stand the test of time.

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