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Why you Should Hire A Professional Video Editing Company



If you want a job done properly, do it yourself?


For professional editing with quick turnaround, bring in the pros.

A commercial photographer, working for a photography agency London clients can depend upon, can TRANSFORM average footage randomly captured on a phone or camcorder (or grainy old library tape, in fact) into crystal clear must-see film – perfected video that’s simply a joy to watch.

A first-class service for all of your editing needs. That’s what a professional video editing company should offer. But what does that actually mean?

Nowadays, thanks to the Digital Age, where images and videos are often uploaded to a choice of cool platforms for friends, family and colleagues to enjoy, a photography agency in London can expect to be busy all-year round. And a commercial photographer claiming to be a “master” of their craft can forget about ‘just’ taking photos, with video production being in such high demand.

Cheap Video Editing Company London

Professional Cinematography

Lautus Lowell Productions, for example, is a thriving media company specialising in professional cinematography, photography, and graphic design – leading video producers who specialise in coming up with the goods for those under pressure and requiring last-minute editing wizardry, and able to beat any quote.

What’s more, Lautus Lowell can handle all Social Seeding for clients: stunning end product being sent across social networks, generating tens and hundreds of thousands views, creating a buzz and real engagement.

Making lasting video memories that grab attention but also endure

Some film just needs a bit of fixing here and there, whilst other video editing projects require more than that. A great deal more. Most editing jobs fall somewhere in between. Once a video is worked on, there’s a polishing phase, where everything is checked and treble-checked to ensure that it’s as good as it can be, utilising editing skills and equipment to take things to the next level.


Video editing services that help to give insight into products and services

The kind of videos we’re talking about are films for content marketing purposes, as well as online training videos, wedding videos, corporate clips, holiday footage… and a professional video editing company couldn’t vie in what is a fiercely competitive marketplace these days if it didn’t also offer a video editing service incorporating drone footage checking in addition to camcorder film and action camera clips work.


If you decide to ‘go cheap’, expect a cheap-looking edit. Every time.

It’s not all about expertly honing captured scenes, purely for the family album. Sometimes, a new or well-established business may require the skills of a professional video editing company to help them present their product or service as persuasively and powerfully as possible. That usually proves money well spent, with editing costs being quickly recouped once the product or service is launched.


As with myriad other services, if you pay little you usually end up paying twice. That’s why it’s wise to make a smart investment in professional editing services, provided by a proven team of editing specialists who know exactly what they’re doing – be that in-house or on location – and have the leading-edge industry apparatus to make editing magic happen.


Handling everything from scratch, or improving internally-created video

Online meetings, Skype footage, Zoom events, blog content, music video, action films… the ‘reels’ can all be enhanced with the help of a professional video editing company. And let’s not forget about happenings filmed using a mobile phone…

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Professional video editing company

These days, a bee can’t scratch its knee (yes, bees really do have knees!) without someone somewhere whipping out their iPhone and filming it, right? Right. No wonder, then, that professional video editors are finding themselves increasingly in demand for mobile-shot projects – assisting clients with externally or internally-created shoots made on the hoof – as well as more planned client-sourced media, and not forgetting home-produced footage of those special captured moments that never fail to bring a tear to Granny’s eye…


Yep. Capturing all the aforementioned events, as well as sports, festivals, roadshows and more, it’s all in a day’s (and sometimes even a night’s) work for a seasoned commercial photographer employed by a meticulous photography agency in London.

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